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Truck and Bus Violations in New Jersey

New Jersey Truck and Bus Tickets - Our Law Firm specializes in representing Trucking Companies, Bus Companies, Commercial Vehicle Owners and their Drivers in fighting the myriad violations and tickets issued for violating the provisions of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  Trucks, Buses and all Commercial Vehicles are subject to random inspections on New Jersey roadways and can be stopped anytime without any of the "Reasonable Suspicion" or "Probable Cause" of a violation required for a Police Office to pull over a non-commercial vehicle.  An officer must however be DOT Certified to conduct a full Commercial Truck Inspection.  This specialized training has only been obtained by certain State Police Officers who receive this advanced training as well as Port Authority Officers in the specialized truck inspection unit. Some County Police Officers in Union County are also trained to fully inspect trucks. The Bergen County Police Officers who also aggressively target trucks and commercial vehicles are not DOT Trained or Certified.  Therefore these non-certified officers cannot inspect Log Books or for Brake adjustment defects or for other defects such as Air Brake systems or for fire extinguishers, as they do not have the requisite training to complete these inspections.  These Non-certified Officers can weigh trucks however their methods are not always up to Federal Standards and can be frequently challenged for accuracy.  










Steven P. Lombardi is a highly experienced New Jersey Ticket Attorney.  He is a Truck and Bus Ticket Lawyer practicing in all New Jersey Municipal Courts. 


Typically New Jersey Tickets for Truck Violations will be issued under NJSA 39:5b-32 a catch all statute that incorporates the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Frequently Commercial Vehicles are also ticketed for failing to have valid Diesel Emission Stickers given when a vehicle is inspected for Smoke output at a local facility.  First there is a three month grace period to obtain these inspections.  The applicable New Jersey Statutes these tickets are written under are NJSA 39:8-62 or NJSA 39:8-64.   These inspections are only required by statute to be completed three months after the annual inspection is due for renewal therefore there is an initial grace period to obtain the inspections making enforcement and ticketing during this period invalid.   Moreover, Out of State Trucks and Vehicles cannot be ticketed for expired Diesel Emission Stickers as the inspections are only required for New Jersey Registered Vehicles.   Out of State Trucks can be inspected in New Jersey, however they cannot, due to a NJ MVC directive, receive any Diesel Sticker upon passing the Smoke Opacity Test.   Some New York and other Out of State Trucks  have been receiving these summonses when their New York Inspection is expired.  This piggy backing of inspections from state to state violates the United States Constitution's Commerce Clause and has been successfully argued as a defense by our firm in getting these tickets dismissed.  The Weehawken Municipal Court frequently attempts to impose fines on out of State registered vehicles in this regard.  Call a New Jersey Truck Ticket Lawyer today for a free consultation. 


Buses traveling into New Jersey are subject to frequent inspection and the resulting tickets and summonses when the inspections are failed.  Typically buses are inspected at random roadside inspections and in Atlantic City by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission's authorized Inspectors from the South Jersey Transportation Authority.  These inspectors will set up in a parking lot in central Atlantic City and then pull buses randomly out of the Casinos for inspections. Usually they time these inspections so that if any "Out of Service" designations are made the bus company has an opportunity to send another bus to the Casino to transport the day trippers back home.  Sometimes however this cannot be accomplished in time to allow for another bus to get to the Casino in time.  Typically these inspection fines are substantial as most violations result in fines that are either $500 or $1,000 in penalties.  For subsequent and frequent offenders more substantial fines are sought by the SJTA.


Our firm has developed an extensive knowledge of these Truck and Bus inspections and the defenses available to getting the tickets dismissed or the fines reduced. New Jersey Truck Ticket Lawyer.

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