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Traffic Violations Statute of Limitations

The following time periods are applied as a Statute of Limitaitons to amend a ticket or charge a new violation.  Once a ticket is written it can be amended by a complaining officer in accordance with the following dates.  If no charge or ticket was issued a new charge can be brought in accordance with the time limits below.




39:5-3          30 days Statute of Limitations except as posted below

39:3-12        Illegal obtaining DL - 1 year Statute of Limitations

39:3-34        App. for DL while SUS - 1 year Statute of Limitations

39:3-37        False App. - 1 year Statute of Limitations

39:4-129      Leaving the scene of accident - 1 year Statute of Limitations

39:10-24      Misrepresentation on title - 1 year Statute of Limitations

39:3-40        Driving while suspended DWS - 90 days Statute of   


39:4-50        DWI - 90 days Statute of Limitations

39:6B-2        No Insurance - 6 months Statute of Limitations

39: 5-31       DMV Director of Magistrate can revoke license for willful        

                    violations even if Statute of Limitations has passed


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