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CDL Licensed Drivers are affected by an accumulation of Points from any state

Commercial Drivers License holders or CDL Licensed Drivers are affected by the accumulation of Motor Vehicle Points no matter in what state the violations occur.  Certain violations have a direct affect on your ability to maintain a CDL License even if incurred while you were operating a non-commercial motor vehicle at the time of the offense.  If you are found guilty or plead guilty to Driving While Intoxicated or Refusal to Submit to a Breathalyzer you will lose your Commercial Driver License for 1 Year despite the penalty of Loss of License is only three or seven months when you are sentenced.  


Steven P. Lombardi is a highly experienced New Jersey Ticket Attorney.  He is a Ticket Lawyer practicing in all New Jersey Municipal Courts. 


If you are convicted or Reckless Driving a sixty (60) day suspension will be imposed regardless of whether you lose your non CDL License.  Speeding in excess of 15 MPH over the limit will likewise result in a 60 day suspension. Following too Closely or Tailgating, or Making an Improper or Erratic Turn will also result in a sixty (60) day license suspension.  A new suspension offense recently added is for Texting While Driving this will also result in a sixty (60) day suspension of a CDL.  Follow this link for a complete list of Offenses That Will Affect your Commercial Drivers License.







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What is a CSA2010 Rating and how do tickets effect the rating ?



Many other offenses will affect your CDL License in that your rating for safety will be effected.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration the Federal Department that governs interstate trucking publishes a Comprehensive Safety Analysis called a CSA2010.  This publication lists in Appendix A all the violations that have an effect on the Safety Evaluation that Trucking Companies and Insurance Companies use in determining whether a CDL Truck Driver is a safe operator.  The FMSA maintains a Driver Safety Measurement System that tracks driver violations in every State in which the driver receives a ticket.  These results are not distributed to individual drivers but are distributed to Motor Carriers in an attempt to improve safety.  In hiring Motor Carriers can also request to evaluate Truck Drivers based on the CSA2010 rating of a driver.  


Driving Violations (Driver Receives Points)


10 CSA Points

Reckless driving - 392.2

Speeding 15 or more mph - 392.2

Speeding in construction zones - 392.2

Driving after being declared out of service - 395.13

Driver uses or is in possession of drugs - 392.4

Violating an out-of-service order for improper alcohol use - 392.5


8 CSA Points

Unqualified driver - 391.11


7 CSA Points

Speeding 11 to 14 mph - 392.2

Adverse driving condition violations - 395.1


5 CSA Points

Failure to obey a traffic control device - 392.2

Following too close - 392.2

Improper lane change - 392.2

Improper passing - 392.2

Railroad grade crossing violation -392.2

Improper turns - 392.2

Failure to yield the right-of-way - 392.2

Bus failing to stop at a railroad crossing - 392.10

Chlorine load failing to stop at a railroad crossing - 392.10

Placard load failing to stop at a railroad crossing - 392.10

Failing to use caution in hazardous conditions - 392.14

Using or equipping a radar detector in a CMV - 392.71

Driver is in possession of, currently using, or under the influence of alcohol in the 4 hour immediately preceding coming on-duty - 392.5


4 CSA Points

Speeding between 6 and 10 miles per hour (mph) - 392.2

Operating as an interstate driver under the age of 21 - 391.11

Non-English speaking driver - 391.11

Failure to understand English language so as to decipher road signs and signals - 391.11


2 CSA Points 

Lacking physical qualifications - 391.11

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