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Morristown Traffic Ticket Lawyer - DWI Speeding and all Tickets - Morristown Municipal Court Lawyer

MORRISTOWN TICKET LAWYER - Morristown Traffic Tickets and DWI Tickets - If you have received a Traffic Ticket in Morristown New Jersey hiring an affordable attorney to help fight the ticket is a wise choice.  As an experienced Morristown Ticket Lawyer Steven P. Lombardi, Esq. can help you get your ticket downgraded or dismissed. The Morristown Police regularly patrol the Route 124, Spring Street and  Speedwell Ave areas for all traffic violations.  If you are an Individual Driver, a CDL Licensed Truck Driver, a Trucking Company, or anyone seeking to protect their Driver's License our firm can help you save points and insurance rate hikes arising from Morristown Traffic Tickets.   If you have been stopped for speeding, reckless driving, careless driving, tailgating, DWI or any other traffic offense you must fight these tickets to avoid the harsh consequences of points on your driving license and record.  Call now to speak with an experienced Morristown Ticket Lawyer.  The Lombardi Law Firm provides an affordable lawyer solution to fight your tickets.  We have offices located near Morristown New Jersey's Municipal Court and appear regularly in the Morristown Court to fight traffic tickets.   The court's contact information and location, with driving directions are noted below.


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