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Belmar Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Traffic and Truck Tickets - NJ Ticket Attorney

BELMAR TICKET LAWYER - Belmar Traffic Tickets and Truck Tickets - If you have been pulled over by the police and received a Traffic Ticket or Truck Ticket, DWI Ticket or a summons for Disturbing the Peace or Breach of Belmar's Noise Ordinance in Belmar New Jersey hiring an attorney to help fight the ticket is a wise choice.  The Belmar Police heavily patrol the Ocean Ave., Main Street - Route 71 and Route 35 areas.  As an experienced Belmar Ticket Lawyer Steven P. Lombardi, Esq. can help you get your ticket downgraded or dismissed.   If you are an Individual Driver, Employee Trucker, Trucking Company, Over The Road Independent Operator or anyone possessing a Commercial Driver's License our firm can help you save points and insurance rate hikes arising from Belmar Traffic Tickets.  If you have been charged with Driving While Intoxicated, call now to speak with an experienced Belmar DWI Ticket Lawyer.  The Lombardi Law Firm is an affordable solution to fight your tickets.  We have offices located near Belmar New Jersey's Municipal Court and appear regularly in the Belmar Court to fight traffic tickets and truck tickets.  The address and contact telephone and fax numbers and directions to the Belmar Municipal Court are as follows.









Belmar Municipal Court

601 Main Street

Belmar NJ 07719


PHONE 732-681-3700

FAX 732-681-4728


A Summary of Belmar's Ordinances are as follows.


NOISE: Ordinance 16-3 regulates noise within the borough. You can get a noise summons anytime of the day or night if the noise you are generating disrupts the peace of the neighborhood. This includes not only noise from parties and sound systems but yelling in the street, as well at two o'clock in morning on the way home from one of our late night establishments. The police department vigorously enforces the noise ordinance. There are no warnings given. We ask that you keep in mind that the Borough of Belmar is a year round community with families and residents that like to sleep at night or read a book quietly on their porches. Rowdy or tumultuous behavior will not be tolerated.


LITTERING: The Borough of Belmar has gone to great expense to provide trash receptacles on corners. Use them. They ask that you carry your refuse to a trash can, not just leave it on the street in front of someone's house.


URINATING IN PUBLIC: Believe it or not, some people have to be told that this is not an acceptable behavior and it is a mandatory court appearance.


DRINKING IN PUBLIC: Nope; can't do this either!


GETTING A TAXI: There are a limited number to taxis licensed by the Borough who have the capability to be hailed down for a ride. All others have to be telephoned in advance. The sticker identifying the cab as being authorized should be on the back window.


PARKING: Parking in Belmar is always tight. In Belmar, a white painted curb means NO PARKING. Remember there is NO PARKING as a matter of law, within 25 feet of an intersection or crosswalk, with or without painted curbs. Vehicles parking within that zone may be ticketed and towed at owner's expense. A car parked within 25 feet of an intersection presents a visibility problem and, therefore, a public safety problem that must be corrected....

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