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MARLBORO TICKET LAWYER - Contest your Marlboro Traffic Tickets, DWI Tickets and Truck Tickets - If you have received a Traffic Ticket, Truck Ticket, or DWI Ticket in Marlboro New Jersey hiring an attorney to help fight the ticket is the right move.  The Marlboro Police heavily patrol the Route 19, Main Street / Route 79 and Route 9 areas.   As an experienced Marlboro Ticket Lawyer Steven P. Lombardi, Esq. can help you get your ticket downgraded or dismissed.   If you are an Individual Driver, Employee Trucker, Trucking Company, Over The Road Independent Operator or anyone possessing a Commercial Driver's License our firm can help you save points and insurance rate hikes arising from Marlboro Traffic Tickets.  If you have been charged with Driving While Intoxicated, call now to speak with an experienced Marlboro Ticket Lawyer.  There are many defenses to Driving While Intoxicated tickets.  Do not plead guilty if you have a legal defense to the stop by the Police or the results of the Breathalyzer / Alcotest reslts.  The Lombardi Law Firm is an affordable solution to fight your tickets.  We have offices located near Marlboro New Jersey's Municipal Court and appear regularly in the Marlboro Municipal Court to fight traffic tickets and truck tickets.  








The address and contact telephone and fax numbers and directions to the Marlboro Municipal Court are as follows.  


Municipal Court Clerk Marlboro Twp.

Municipal Complex

1979 Township Drive

Marlboro NJ 07746


PHONE 732-536-0300

FAX 732-591-0608

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